Friday, September 28, 2007

Anniversary in the Jurassic Gardens

Last Sunday was our wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we went to Powell Gardens on Saturday to take advantage of absolutely gorgeous weather. It also happened to be one of the last weekends of the Jurassic Park exhibit, which featured "life-like" statues of dinosaurs hidden around the park. I really could imagine what it might be like to have living dinosaurs wandering around in the woods. Here are some of favorites.

The Water Lilies were also in full bloom, looking absolutely stunning.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I am still around and doing fine. I love my new job, but it has been keeping me busy. I haven't had the time or the will to finish the travel log, and this has, to some extent, been a roadblock for me posting at all. So to finish the travel log - we had a few more adventures, I saw lots of cool plants, and eventually made it home. Since then, I have moved to a new city (though still in the KC metro) and started a new job teaching at a small liberal arts college. So far so good. I have also joined a city softball team (we are not very good) and that has been fun.

I have been working slowly on my "Skyline" project and doing some sock knitting. I will try to post updates soon.