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4/100 Not Socks!

In a few weeks I will be moving to a new town to start a new job. I am super excited about the future. Just not so excited about all the work that must be done between now and then.

However, last night, I started packing, well...starting preparing for packing. I started sorting the piles of broken jewelry, languishing knitting projects, and craft supplies.

Now  I have
 -  a nice pile of things to donate.
 -  less junk and trash
 -  better organization of my SCA treasures.

and......(drum roll).....two completed projects. So not only did I meet my goal of working on projects, I actually finished one project and fixed a bunch of broken jewelry.

Let's start with the jewelry. As you can see the earrings below were basically useless. The finish on the fake shell of one had all worn off. I was about the throw them away, when I thought...wait a second...I have some newly learned jewelry making skills.....I wonder if I can replace the ugly, fake, pink shells. 

After looking through my stas…

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