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Following the Great British Baking Show - Swiss Rolls

I have been inspired to bake. This all started when watching the Great British Baking Show that dropped on Netflix recently. Watching the first challenge of the first episode of the first season on PBS - Swiss Rolls, something in my brain said "Hey, I want to do that!". So, with the help of my friend Nancee, we organized a Swiss Roll cooking and eating day. Then I discovered that for almost every episode, there was some baked creation I wanted to try - sometime mundane things like English Muffins, but more often the most outrageous items like - Princess Cake and Wind Torte. So I decided that I am going to take this inspiration and learn to be a better baker by baking through the episodes of the show.

I know, food blogs have been around for years now, and I would be surprised if what I have to offer provides anything earth-shatteringly new to the game. Then again, my blog is my personal diary than it is anything else, so the world will have to somehow manage with more electro…

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