Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Archery on a Sunny September Afternoon

Today I went out to the James A. Reed Wildlife Area to shoot archery, enjoy the beautiful autumn day, and take some photos. I had a lot of fun. There are 28 stations. I accidentely forgot my water bottle, so I quit after 23. Plus, between the lost and broken arrows, I was down to three by that time.  The targets ranged between 10 and 60 yards away, often having to shoot up or down hill while standing on a slope. Add in the trees and leaves to shoot around, and it was challenging to say the least. In the future, I will wear hiking boots and, if it has rained recently, expect to get wet, as the course crossed the creek bed several times. 

Also - there was a lot of stinging nettle, and my arrows ended up there a lot! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PofTD: Golden

Today I am doing something a bit different. The prompt for today was Golden. I am currently learning how to use GIMP PhotoEditing software. So I have taken two photos, one I took today and an picture from about 7 years ago and turned them Golden.

Today - A selfie looking out over my balcony.

The Original

The Golden Version

The Past - I believe that this flower is Centaurea triumfettii

The Original

The Golden Version

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PofTD: A sign

Today - I went for a walk at the small park near my apartment, taking photos of the signs I saw there.

The signs on the way to the trail.

Along the trail, there are signs identifying various tree species. Mostly, however, all you can see is honeysuckle.

 This sign is for a species of European honeysuckle called Lonicera xylosteum. I wonder if that is an old name for Lonicera mackii, the infamous invasive bush honeysuckle. Or if indeed it was thought to be a different species.

Hey, look. It actually is a Bitternut Hickory!

The Past - Signs in Puerto Rico

Monday, September 22, 2014

PofTD - White

Cooking Pasta For Dinner

The Past - Wearing all White 
This photo of my Mom and I was taken at my Confirmation in 1986. I was 14 years old. I loved that white skirt. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Golden Swan Scarf

Yesterday I posted a teaser photo of a scarf I had knitted. That photo was taken while the lace scarf was blocking to open up the lace pattern. 

Here is the completed scarf. 

And a close up of the lace pattern. The pattern is called Leda. I was drawn to the feathery lace pattern. 

I knit this scarf with a delicious golden silk/cashmere blend I bought in Chicago. I love the softness, the color, the luster. I am keeping this one for myself. 

The Picture of the Day Prompt was "Out the Window"

The Past - The view out my window four years ago, when I was living out at the nature sanctuary. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

PofTDay - Flat

This week, the photos are all project related apparently. Today's word is flat. The today photo is a project that fell "flat". I had a madder dye bath I had used for a different project. I found some yarn that I had pre-mordanted at some previous time. I think the mordant was alum, but it could have also been copper. I left the yarn in the dyebath for a couple of days. This morning I rinsed the yarn and set it out to dry. Then something very interesting happened...the yarn just fell apart in my hands. A slight tug, and the strands just snapped. I am assuming the problem was leaving the mordanted for year(s). I love how the color turned out though. 

The Past
Moss Stitch Scarf. I don't remember what happened to this scarf. Like most of my knitting projects, it was probably given as a present. I love moss stitch. I love how it feels to knit it, and most of all, I love how flat the fabric lays with moss stitch. It is such a change from stockinette stitch which curls like crazy. It is lighter and less dense than garter stitch. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

PofTD - Curved

 I have recently started woodcarving with the goal of making blocks for block printing and resist dyeing. Carving curves is a challenge. I have found that I really enjoy woodcarving. I haven't felt this type of obsession with a craft since I took up knitting ...what 14 years ago now. 

This is a picture I took when I visited Puerto Rico back in 2009. I should try to determine what it is. This is a picture I forgot I had taken, until I started looking for a past photo that fit the curved theme. I am so glad I found it. The curved petals of the flower are so beautiful. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Interesting Female Characters

Sometimes, things I see on the internet make me so angry that I need to respond. This was the case when I saw the"Unsatisfied Women in Art History" Post from the Toast website.  It portrays the women in this paintings, who are mostly historically relevant female figures, as shallow and vain. Well, it struck a chord in me, and I needed to respond. So here I what I propose three of the women pictured in the Toast post might ACTUALLY be thinking. It was fun to learn a little about these women as well. 

Cleopatra: Ptolemy thinks he can just exile me away….If only I had an army like the Romans do, I could get my throne back. Who is leading the Romans right now,  Julio? …no…Romano…no…oh…Julius Caesar.  Ptolemy, your days are numbered and you will regret sending me away.   

Wealhtheow I offer to Beowulf, this cup that represents an offering of peace, but also showing the power of my King Hrothgar. Yes, I do believe that my dress is elaborate enough and my golden cup showy enough that our prestige and power will be understood. War between our nations in not in our best interest, and if I can bring peace to our lands, it will have been a good day.

Rebecca: Wow, I had no idea that offering a thirsty, travel-weary old servant would lead to a proposal of marriage to his master’s son. I was just doing what I felt was right.I don’t know, can I leave my home behind to marry a man I have never met? The earring is beautiful, but how do I know this Isaac is a good man? On the other hand, what is here for me? Perhaps I should take a chance?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Catching up

I am behind on my Photo of the Day posts.  Between spending the Saturday shooting archery with friends (YAY!!), going on day three of vertigo (BOO!!!) and preparing for a job interview yesterday (YAY!!), I just didn't have time or energy to keep up. So today is catch up day. 

Sept. 6th - Unorganized 


Our extra room - office, spare bedroom, etc. I always seem to have at least one place that never quite gets organized. Right now I am suffering from too much stuff in too little space. This was only exacerbated by having to bring home all the stuff in my office at school. 


I had a hard time finding a picture that represented disorganized from my childhood, because my Mom was always so organized and neat. Somehow that gene skipped me. Instead, here is a picture that represents my Mom's love for order. Every year after finishing our back to school shopping, we would lay out our things on our bed to take a picture. We would do the same after opening presents for Christmas and Birthdays. It is a tradition I loved. I still do this sometimes, though I rarely actually take a picture.

And, yes, I had a canopy bed. You should be jealous. 

Sept. 7th - Hollow 
This photo was actually taken on the 6th, as I had the days prompts confused. It isn't very inspired, but a cool photo, that represents what I was doing that day. My friend, and Bee Sister Alessandra and her hollow quiver filled with her hand-made arrows. 

Another Bee Sister - Emeline, laughing as she tried to extricate herself from a hollow tree. She succeeded and both Emeline and tree were fine. 

Sept. 8th - Old Fashioned

Old-Fashioned was the theme for Sept. 8th, which I find a interesting coincidence. I have been laid up with vertigo the last couple of days. I have spend my time knitting (considered old fashioned by some) watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. All of the shows I have viewed are all old-fashioned in their way. First, The Paradise, a BBC show set in Victorian Era England about the first department store. A beautiful costume drama with interesting characters. Second, movie called Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, another period drama set in England, just at the dawn of WWII. What is interesting about both of these shows, is that they center around young people set in the past. I have found it interesting to see the youth interacting and behaving as youth do, in what is a historical setting for us. In both, there are also characters who are older and "old-fashioned"

The third show is set in "modern times". It is called Midsomer Murders. The series began in 1997, and for the two episodes I have seen, is set in various English villages. The settings have been very old-fashioned. Beautiful, lush English cottages, all referred to by names like "Haven Cottage" or "Swallow House". Being set in 1997, even the modern technology  - cordless phones, computers, all look very data. It is a very good series. Made up until 2012. I look forward to watching the rest of them. 

So - my old fashioned. I have a lot of old-fashioned things around my house. I am representing them with the antique cedar chest I have in my bedroom. The cedar chest represents an old-fashioned way of storing clothing, and brings to mind the late 19th - early 20th century.  And it is beautiful. 

Old fashioned Halloween Costumes, made of cheap, thing plastic, with masks you couldn't see out of. Those were the days.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

PofD-Sept. 5th - In Motion

Today - Goofing around with Veils

The Past
Dancing with veils, a year and a half ago.