Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SCA Garb

Blue woolen cote-harde with trimming and tippiting in process. This one is almost completely done.

Fabric for light blue Norman style dress. The coral is to be the underdress, though it is more orange than I thought it would be. The purple may be the lining for the long sleeves of the over dress. Not 100% sure of the color combination. What do you think?

The Purple Pavilion

I learned this past week that at foreign wars Calontir puts up the Purple Pavilions, which houses the royal thrones. It also becomes the living room of the kingdom. A place where people can gather and hang out. It's the location of where the Army waits to march to battle. Singing and storytelling are population pastimes in the purple pavilion, as is just general tom-foolery.People bring their chairs and put them in a big circle, but, other than the royal thrones, anyone is welcome to sit in any chair.

I wanted to get to know as many people in the kingdom as possible on this trip, and thus I spent a lot of time just hanging around the Calontir living room, working on projects, passing around water and pickles before battles, drinking, laughing, and having just a generally good time. No one questioned my right to be there as a new person to the group, they just accepted me in. I had several moments in the purple pavilion where I truly felt like I had come home.

My favorite moment in the purple pavilion was when someone was given a toy cross-bow that shot marshmallows, and she accidentally shot the Queen (names have been removed to protect the innocent and guilty alike, but no it wasn't me). The Queen quickly took control of the crossbow and began shooting around the Pavilion. It was so much fun!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I went to war and fell in love

This past week for spring break, I went to my first SCA "war". It was a week-long event at a campsite near Lumberton, Mississippi. Though to call it a campsite is a bit of a misnomer, as it was more like a good size village that popped up at this site - complete with battlefields, merchants, food vendors, a inn, an archery field, a dance hall and much much more.

I don't have a lot of time to write at the moment to get my thoughts and memories down on on "paper", but I plan to post throughout the week as I digest all that happened this past week. It was a more amazing experience than I expected, and that is saying something as I had heard wonderful stories about our Kingdom of Calontir at war (for my non-SCA friends and family, Calontir covers MO, KS, NE, IA, and a little itty-bitty bit of AR).

And I did fall in love - not with a single person, but with my kingdom of Calontir. Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and accepting me as part of the group. Thank you also for making my first SCA war a terrific experience. I really look forward to hanging out with you all at future events.


Friday, March 11, 2011

How to fail at felting a hat

(1) Wash the load of towels in which you were going to felt said hat in cold water instead of hot.
(2) Neglect to actually PUT the hat in the washing machine with the towels.

Some days are just like that I guess. I was so excited to see how the hat felted I woke up at 4:00 (I went back to sleep for an hour before actually getting up). Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

The hat is now in the washing machine with the towels on hot water. Now I am waiting again.

For the record, this hat is the latest installment in both the Acorn Hat AND 100 hats project.

I am counting this hat as number 6 (disregard the previously numbered 6, it will get numbered when it get finished).

The purple acorn hat is number 4.

The light green acorn is number 5 (and aren't the broken washer and dryer in the front yard so classy!).

I am counting my red medieval hood as number 7, by the way, though not technically a hat AND I started it in 2010, it is head wear and it I did finish it in 2011, and it is my project. 

Isn't that washing machine done yet?

Friday, March 4, 2011


Whew, the first few days of March speed by at lightening speed. Here are some high-lights
(1) My pile of fabric for SCA garb got larger (and I now have more than this thanks to Mea). I still don't have enough clothes for Gulf War. Thankfully, tomorrow I am heading out to Hanne's place for a weekend trying on clothes and sewing. 

(2) I caught two of the mice who have been keeping me up at night and leaving me presents that I didn't want. We now have a happy snake at school who had a nice meal of fresh mice for the first time in his life. 

(3) Bubo the owl has moved into my office and is helping me get and keep things organized. Granted it is a slow process.
(4) I taught a knitting class for the Barony of Forgotten Sea. The project was a felted hat, referred to as the Acorn Hat. Here is the purple version, which is a lovely hat, but not quite how they wore them in the portraits in the 15th century. It's a little big.
 This little green version is more inline with the period sources I have seen (sorry I don't have links to them. Maybe later I can get those up)

I also had a great week in my classes. My students have been inspiring, my colleague fun, and I have gotten a lot done. It feels so good to be rid of the vertigo, I even did a Happy Dance yesterday, just for the joy of it.

New Trim for my Blue Dress

Thanks to my friend Briana, I have some beautiful new trim for my blue wool SCA dress. This dress is certainly a testament to the kindness and generosity of the wonderful people I have meet in the SCA.

The trim is GORGEOUS and the colors are so beautiful against the blue wool of the dress. I love how the pattern looks like little sunflowers, as my device will very likely include the sunflower imagine on it.

Thanks again Briana - I can't wait to get the dress trimmed out.

This was one of the things that lead to me doing the happy dance yesterday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new Owl pal

I found this adorable little owl at Target and he had to come home with me. He is living on my desk and he is my reminder to keep my desk (and hopefully the rest of my office soon) neat and tidy. He likes a nice tidy nest and will only stick around if I keep it that way.

Here he is on top of my sticker box.

Anyway, I think he needs a name - but I am terrible at naming things, probably a good thing I don't have children, I wouldn't know what to name them. So I am turning to my friends for suggestion. What should my new owl pal be called?

Yes, I know I am an adult and this is rather childish - but hey whatever works right? And yes, I put stickers on my college students' papers and yes if you are having a bad day and need a sticker, you can come by and get one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And Hello March

The first day of March has been a good day. In like a lamb. Finally was able to get out on the trials for a short walk. Photos to come shortly.

I have caught two of the mice whose scamperings have been keeping me up all night. Tomorrow they become snake snacks.

All for now.