As spring arrives, life gets busy.
I love this time of year. The new growth, the warmer weather (ahem...hear that Spring, you are supposed to bring warmer weather), the birds and frogs singing, the wasps and bees buzzing, the flowers blooming, the longer amounts of all energizes me. Gone is the lethargy that winter brings with it and the laziness of hot summer days hasn't set in yet (though I love summer the best).

Also energizing are the thunderstorms that roll across the sky.
Last night was the first bit thunderstorm of the spring season. There was wind, there was rain, there was thunder and lightning, there was even a bit of hail. I had run out to lock the gate here at the nature center, hoping to beat the rain. Right as I was getting back to my door I heard this awful racket, which was the hail hitting the tin roof of the barn across the parking lot from me. was loud.

I love not having to wear gloves, and a hat, and a scarf, and three layers of clothes, and a coat, and still I am cold.

I LOVED the 85 degrees yesterday and shake my head in disbelief when people complain about the heat. I despise being cold so much. I cannot fathom, and I try, disliking 85 degrees, the light sweat, the feeling of complete and utter warmth throughout, how breezes refresh.

I think some people must just be more comfortable with an absence of heat, and thus tolerate and even (gasp!) enjoy cold, while others like me, are only comfortable when there is an absence of cold, and thus tolerate and even (and here you are probably gasping) revel in hot weather. I have encountered more people who are the former than are the later.

This time of year is also when our senior students reach the pinnacle of their college career - they are finishing their senior research, they are getting jobs and acceptances to med-school, grad-school, vet-school, dental-school...and I am so proud of them .

Time to face this cool but wonderful spring day. It's funny, but I had intended this post to be a rather quick one, saying I am busy and my camera is dead (or at least really sick) so I don't have much interesting to post. And while interest may still be lacking, I guess I had something to say after all.

Have a wonderful, glorious day.


  1. As we know, I cannot abide being truly hot, and I did whine a bit Sunday when it was 90 degrees with a fierce hot wind and being outside made one sweat, "I am not ready for this!" but I share your love of spring and am enjoying the wonder of the changing of the seasons.

  2. I love to read your blog. Its beautiful. You should not stop posting :)


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