Today I shall knit

The day after Christmas. It's cold out, and while I will need to get out of the apartment this afternoon for a bit, this morning I am staying in. Because Pepin's family was over yesterday, the living room and kitchen areas are in relatively good shape, unpacking wise, I feel no urgent need to tackle more boxes. So I have declared this morning a tea-drinking (with real sugar and milk), movie watching, knitting morning. And, despite what I imagine to be Emiline's disapproval ( ;) ), I am not working on projects already in progress, but starting some new things. All of my already started projects are in a box at the bottom of a giant pile of boxes in the back of what I am currently referring to as "The room of doom". This is where everything not unpacked has been stored. And on this cold cold morning, knitting warm woolies just feels right.

So knitward ho! Pictures will be forth coming.



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