DeVoss Debacle

Well, the Republicans in the Senate just voted in the most unqualified candidate for Secretary of Education. Their votes were bought and they sold out the American children. They should be ashamed. And they should be worried....people are angry. They may, for now, tell themselves, that those calling are not real constituents. That those protesting are being paid from some unknown, and very wealthy entity. They can fool themselves into thinking their positions are safe. 

And what can we do?
We can vote them out of office. 
We can keep the pressure on until they are forced to hear us.

2018 - 8 Republican Senators are up for reelection. 
Keep these names in mind. Work to oppose them and support the candidates who run against them - be it more moderate Republicans in the primary or Dems in the general election. 

If you haven't paid attention to Kansas in 2016 - many conservative Republicans were voted out of office at the primary in favor of moderate Republicans. If you haven't paid attention to KS - guess what the main issues was for this was Education. 

These 8 Senators must be the focus - vote them out of office. Let them know that the future of America's children is not for sale.  

Roger Wicker - Mississippi 
Deb Fisher - Nebraska 
Bob Corker - Tennessee
Dean Heiler - Neveda
Ted Cruz - Texas
Orrin Hatch - Utah
John Barrosso - Wyoming 
Jeff Flake - Arizona 


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