My Garden 2015 - Dogwood

This past Mother's Day hit me hard. It would have been my first Mother's Day as a mom, if I hadn't miscarried last April. I shouldn't have been surprised, but the degree of sadness, the degree of longing, the degree of hurt took me aback. 

I had to work that day. The mothers and the children enjoying the day together was painful to watch. I was very glad with the heavy rain rolled, driving the customers away .

That day, I bought this little Dogwood tree (Cornus alba var Ivory Halo). I had admired it since I first started working there.

 I love the delicacy of the leaves, how they trembled in the wind. 

I love the red stems, their contrast against the variegated leaves. 

I hope this little tree is happy on my mostly shady balcony until I have a place where I can give it a permanent home. 


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