My Garden 2015 - Second Chances

Three pansies, which I saved from the dumpster, and brought back to life. Pansies are cool weather plants, wilting and withering in the summer heat. However, it has been cool this spring, and my balcony garden is cool and shady. I shall see how long I can keep them looking nice.

A plantlet from a spider plant. I must admit, over the winter I neglected this little plant. It ended up in a spot where it lacked both light and water. The leaves where elongate and chlorotic due to lack of sunlight, flaccid and thin due to lack of water. I put it out on the balcony in a last ditch effort to save it. In a matter of days, the leaves began producing chlorophyll again as they greened up. I only wish I had taken before picture of the ghostly leaves.


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