My Garden 2015 - Stainless Steel

Originally, I was going to entitle this post "The plant I fell in love with", but then realized that is true of many of the plants I have obtained this summer for my balcony garden. 

But this was my first love of the summer. A plant I admired for weeks. A plant I thought about and considered, and finally, decided to purchase.  I give you - Stainless Steel. A variety of Coral Bells (Heuchara). 

The leaves, start off this beautiful silvery gray, with dark green veins, which, as they get older turn a silvery, purple green. The slightest breeze will set them to trembling. 

When I adopted the plant, she wasn't blooming, so the delicate flowers, white tinged with pink, are a pleasant surprise. Here, they have not yet opened. 


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