Busy, busy

Still alive, just busy and tired of winter. I survived the blizzard, had my radiator hose blow on me and this morning discovered that it is just a mouse, and not a rodent of unusual size scurrying around my place at night. I am embarrassed to say I screamed when I first saw it, but in my defense, I just woke up. It was awfully cute. So now on top of everything else, I need to deal with the mouse.

School is just a bit overwhelming right now, especially considering the low energy I get with winter. Looking forward to the energy boost I always get as spring comes, the temperatures warm, and life awakens.

I have photos from two SCA events and the blizzard. I have some sewing and crafty things to show.

Sigh, but I guess tonight I will be dealing with the mouse in my cupboard. Anyone have a cat I can borrow?


  1. Mice a really cute. The problem is that they have sisters and brothers and aunts, uncles, cousins (third, second, third and so on cousins.) And where you see one, the rest are somewhere near by, waiting to poop in your box of cornflakes.


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