The Mongols are coming! The Mongols are coming!

Well, they came and went.

About a month ago now, I went to an SCA event called  Mongol Invasion. It was a small event, but fun as it included indoor Archery, the first Archery I had shot at an event since Toys for Tots back in November. As a bonus I got see my friend Angie from college, who happened to live about 4 blocks from the event site. She was very generous in letting Leif, Truetvin, and I invade her house and stay her a couple of nights. She was a gracious hostess and made the most wonderful breakfast and dinner. She ended up coming to the event with her two boys and I hope they had a good time.

Leif was very kind in teaching the boys how to shoot.

As I mentioned above, the archery was indoors and we had to use blunts on our arrows to hit knock down targets from about 20 yards, maybe it was 15 yards I don't remember.

It was the first time I shot my bow in competition. I did not, however shoot my new arrows. Apparently knock down targets are harder on arrows than normal targets. I also finally got a some pictures of my blue dress.

There was also a incident with my blunts getting lost (yeah, I had put them in my purse for safe-keeping but I maintain they were in a different dimensional plane when I looked there for them), but thankfully there were a lot of great people there who let me borrow arrows.

I shot pretty well, for someone who only picked up a bow for the first time back in July. In most of the rounds, whoever shot there targets down first won. I would hit the first couple and then get nervous and lose focus, so I need to work on speed rounds and focusing.

All in all it was a fun day and I meet a lot of new wonderful people. I am especially thankful to Thomas, who when picking teams picked me first, which was a relief as I was certain, being the least experienced archer there, I would be the last kid on the playground.

Thanks to the Shire of Oakheart for sponsoring such a fun event. Can't wait for the archery events to start up in earnest. Leif, not surprisingly, won, though he had some tough competition.

Below are some other random images from the day. 


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