Handmade Shoes

One thing for me about being in the SCA is the fun of dressing up in clothes that you don't normally get to wear. A well dressed SCA-ian (which I am working on) pays attention to the small details like the accessories. 

My friends have been wonderful, in that they have encouraged me to make things as "period" as I would like, without being snarky about the fact that I have only been involved in this since July and so don't have the perfect costume. Course I don't think they would be snarky anyway.

My friend Truetvin Engelfinger (hope I spelled that right) is a very skilled leatherworker who decided that I needed some period shoes. So we worked out a trade, he made me some shoes and I made him some mittens. I love the shoes he made for me, the soft black leather, the straps around my ankles, and the pointy toes. And every time I put them on, I am just ridiculously delighted by the shiny gold buckle against that matte black leather. 

I mean how many girls have hand-made (they are all hand-stitched) shoes, cut to fit their foot exactly? They are so comfortable and a delight to wear.

Thanks again Truetvin! I just hope you enjoys the mittens as much as I have enjoyed the shoes.

Here is a photo of the mittens - they are convertible mittens with a sun embroidered on them - the sun being part of his heraldic device.

This was a "warm-up" run for another trade: stranded-color work gloves in exchange for some boots.


  1. I'm way envious of the hand-made shoes.

  2. I wish I could find someone that will trade out boots for something I can offer. Oh yeah, I don't really have any skills that produce anything other than making chainmail and everyone in the SCA can do that.

  3. I don't know how to make chainmail, course, I don't know how to make shoes either.

    You might ask around though - there is a difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to do it well and enjoying it.


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