Goodbye to February

Goodbye February. I must say I am not sorry to see you go. Between snow, vertigo, and cold, this February has been a down period for me. Though there have been high points at well, and I am trying to focus on the positive so we shall talk about those.

(1) My upper level ecology class is really gelling as a group - it's a great group of students and I am so happy to be teaching them.

(2) The crew out at the Nature Sanctuary where I live have been wonderful in keeping my drive and sidewalk snow free.

(3) Yesterday was really cool - the ground still covered in snow, making the lightening from the thunderstorm seem 3x as brilliant.

(4) Nathan bringing me a wing-back chair from the theater department so I can sit with my head resting in my office while having vertigo.

(5) Archery Started Back Up. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! This makes me so so happy.

(6) Anne picking me up and taking me home from work when vertigo kept me from driving.

(7) My colleague Paul - got me lunch, helped me find the live traps to trap the mice, offered me rides when I needed them.

(8) A successful first Arts and Sciences meeting at my house for SCA.

(9) Family who love me.

(10) Middle Eastern Dance Class

(11) The most beautiful sunset tonight - omg the colors were GORGEOUS

(12) Janelle - who brought me candy for Valentine's Day and let me hang out with her over the weekend

(13) Mea and Don - who came over for sewing one night when I had vertigo and made me dinner.

(14) Mea - who always can save my sewing mistakes. So far anyway.

(15) Seeing possums in my yard

(16) Having facebook friends who will chat with me when I am lonely.

(17) My grad school friends who do the same

(18) Chocolate Ice Cream

(19) Peace and quiet and no one to get angry if I leave wet towels on the floor or put the eggs on the wrong shelf in the frig.

(20) Seeing my SCA friends at the Clothier's Event

(21) Learning cool and amazing things at Clothier's

(25) Don - who helped me out when my Radiator busted.

(26) A surprise email from an old friend.

(27) Being able to go to the store tonight and run errands. I feel like a real human being again!

 (28) The promise of spring seen in the swelling of the buds on the red maple trees.

So see - that averages out to one good thing a day. Spring is around the corner. Life is good, and I think it is about to get better.


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