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 this vertigo really sucks. I have been trying really really hard to do things so that I don't feel isolated and lonely. First I was defeated by the snow. Then my car needed a new radiator. Snow is gone and radiator is fixed. Warm weather this weekend and I am stuck unable to do anything cause of this effing vertigo. I even went the the Doctor, who told me what I already knew, and while he gave me some prescriptions, they have yet to do anything but make me sleepy.

Here is a list of the things I was going to do this weekend that I have been unable to do:
(1) Breakfast and sword-fighting practice (at least one hour)
(2) A recruiting event with some of the best and brightest prospective students who are interested in coming to my school
(3) A sleep-over, trip-planning, sewing extravaganza at my friend Hanne's

and now it is looking like Archery practice is a no go. And not just any archery practice, but the FIRST of the YEAR! I have been itching to get back out on the archery field (or in the barn as the case may be).

This of course doesn't include the other things I must/want to do - clean, get these tests graded, get prepared for class on Monday.

I am trying really really hard to not feel like the universe is out to get me. I am trying really really hard to tell myself that a lot of people have is a lot worse than I do (and I know that they do). I am trying really really hard to have a positive attitude. And I am really really failing. Ok maybe not failing, maybe I would give myself a D+.
It's just, I feel like I have been stuck in 2nd gear for years and can't get out, no matter what I do. And I have done a lot in the last year to try and get unstuck.  Any suggestions?


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