The Purple Pavilion

I learned this past week that at foreign wars Calontir puts up the Purple Pavilions, which houses the royal thrones. It also becomes the living room of the kingdom. A place where people can gather and hang out. It's the location of where the Army waits to march to battle. Singing and storytelling are population pastimes in the purple pavilion, as is just general tom-foolery.People bring their chairs and put them in a big circle, but, other than the royal thrones, anyone is welcome to sit in any chair.

I wanted to get to know as many people in the kingdom as possible on this trip, and thus I spent a lot of time just hanging around the Calontir living room, working on projects, passing around water and pickles before battles, drinking, laughing, and having just a generally good time. No one questioned my right to be there as a new person to the group, they just accepted me in. I had several moments in the purple pavilion where I truly felt like I had come home.

My favorite moment in the purple pavilion was when someone was given a toy cross-bow that shot marshmallows, and she accidentally shot the Queen (names have been removed to protect the innocent and guilty alike, but no it wasn't me). The Queen quickly took control of the crossbow and began shooting around the Pavilion. It was so much fun!


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