Whew, the first few days of March speed by at lightening speed. Here are some high-lights
(1) My pile of fabric for SCA garb got larger (and I now have more than this thanks to Mea). I still don't have enough clothes for Gulf War. Thankfully, tomorrow I am heading out to Hanne's place for a weekend trying on clothes and sewing. 

(2) I caught two of the mice who have been keeping me up at night and leaving me presents that I didn't want. We now have a happy snake at school who had a nice meal of fresh mice for the first time in his life. 

(3) Bubo the owl has moved into my office and is helping me get and keep things organized. Granted it is a slow process.
(4) I taught a knitting class for the Barony of Forgotten Sea. The project was a felted hat, referred to as the Acorn Hat. Here is the purple version, which is a lovely hat, but not quite how they wore them in the portraits in the 15th century. It's a little big.
 This little green version is more inline with the period sources I have seen (sorry I don't have links to them. Maybe later I can get those up)

I also had a great week in my classes. My students have been inspiring, my colleague fun, and I have gotten a lot done. It feels so good to be rid of the vertigo, I even did a Happy Dance yesterday, just for the joy of it.


  1. Love the last pic, Jen!! I'm glad you're back to "normal"!!


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