How to fail at felting a hat

(1) Wash the load of towels in which you were going to felt said hat in cold water instead of hot.
(2) Neglect to actually PUT the hat in the washing machine with the towels.

Some days are just like that I guess. I was so excited to see how the hat felted I woke up at 4:00 (I went back to sleep for an hour before actually getting up). Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

The hat is now in the washing machine with the towels on hot water. Now I am waiting again.

For the record, this hat is the latest installment in both the Acorn Hat AND 100 hats project.

I am counting this hat as number 6 (disregard the previously numbered 6, it will get numbered when it get finished).

The purple acorn hat is number 4.

The light green acorn is number 5 (and aren't the broken washer and dryer in the front yard so classy!).

I am counting my red medieval hood as number 7, by the way, though not technically a hat AND I started it in 2010, it is head wear and it I did finish it in 2011, and it is my project. 

Isn't that washing machine done yet?


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