SCA Garb

Blue woolen cote-harde with trimming and tippiting in process. This one is almost completely done.

Fabric for light blue Norman style dress. The coral is to be the underdress, though it is more orange than I thought it would be. The purple may be the lining for the long sleeves of the over dress. Not 100% sure of the color combination. What do you think?


  1. I really like the blue with the purple and the purple with the coral-- not sure about the blue and coral. Think it depends on how big the blocks of coral are (coral and blue is one of my favorite combinations so I'm not sure what my hang-up here is).

    I frequently have problems commenting on your blog, so I'll just write in one place, but wanted you to know that your SCA descriptions have been great and I have been almost giddy for you. Can't wait to see you Sunday!

  2. Heya SS - I am so looking forward to seeing you too!

    Very little of the coral under-dress will be peaking through the blue overdress.

  3. If you go to this link

    The dress on the left - where her dress is orange, mine will be the blue. Where her dress is blue, mine would be purple (ie. in the sleeves). My coral would be where her brown underdress is.

  4. In that case I think the colors totally work-- some coral peeking at the neckline and wrists will add a nice punch.


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