PofTDay - Flat

This week, the photos are all project related apparently. Today's word is flat. The today photo is a project that fell "flat". I had a madder dye bath I had used for a different project. I found some yarn that I had pre-mordanted at some previous time. I think the mordant was alum, but it could have also been copper. I left the yarn in the dyebath for a couple of days. This morning I rinsed the yarn and set it out to dry. Then something very interesting happened...the yarn just fell apart in my hands. A slight tug, and the strands just snapped. I am assuming the problem was leaving the mordanted for year(s). I love how the color turned out though. 

The Past
Moss Stitch Scarf. I don't remember what happened to this scarf. Like most of my knitting projects, it was probably given as a present. I love moss stitch. I love how it feels to knit it, and most of all, I love how flat the fabric lays with moss stitch. It is such a change from stockinette stitch which curls like crazy. It is lighter and less dense than garter stitch. 


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