Picture of the Day - Sept. 3rd - Up High

Near my apartment is a small park with a walking trail. From this walking trail, several smaller paths veer off into the woods. It is hard to tell from this picture, due to all the honeysuckle, but some of the paths are very steep going to the bottom the hill. But when you are there in person, it seems as if you are really up high.

This is the spot that when I first thought I was miscarrying back in April where I sat in the rain and cried. I hadn't been back since. It was good to go back and see the spot still full of life, even if it is just a lot of honeysuckle. 

From the Past

Our swing-set. It was the coolest swing-set ever. It had monkey bars, and rings, and a tire swing. It was awesome to sit up high at the top an look down upon the yard. 


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