Over Labor Day weekend, I returned home to visit my family. At my Mom's we were going through old photos. I didn't have many photos of my past home, and I have to admit, I was always a bit jealous when it came to Throwback Thursdays on Facebook. So I brought home some of the old photo albums and am in the process of digitizing them. 

During this process, it occurred to me that it would be fun to revisit the Photo-a-Day Challenge, but with a twist. I am going to post one new photo that I took specifically for the challenge, but, and here is the twist, I am also going to post one old photo that fits in the challenge theme. 

Sept. 2nd - Favorites
New Photo
I really struggled at first with trying to figure out what to take a picture of for this. The main reason being that I love so many different things and have so many wonderful people in my life, it becomes difficult to choose. It's like asking me my favorite color - I love all the colors, and honestly, my favorite color can be very context dependent (though if forced to answer, I will say either teal or red). In fact, I was becoming so anguished about what to choose for my favorites, I almost ditched the whole project. Until, my eyes rested upon the bottle of St. Germain's. St. Germain's is a liqueur made from Elderflowers. It is one of my favorite liqueurs. More importantly, however, are the memories that are represented by that bottle. Memories of drinking it with some of my favorite people. So I went around my apartment and picked out a few things that represent SOME of my favorites. 

Old Photo
One of my Favorite Christmas Presents of All TIMES! I believe the year was 1981, I was 9. I got this awesome wicker swing chair for Christmas. I loved that chair. It was in the corner of my bedroom. I spend hours sitting in there - reading, day-dreaming, crying, creating stories about hunting fairies.  The Pogo Sticks were pretty awesome too. 


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