Interesting Female Characters

Sometimes, things I see on the internet make me so angry that I need to respond. This was the case when I saw the"Unsatisfied Women in Art History" Post from the Toast website.  It portrays the women in this paintings, who are mostly historically relevant female figures, as shallow and vain. Well, it struck a chord in me, and I needed to respond. So here I what I propose three of the women pictured in the Toast post might ACTUALLY be thinking. It was fun to learn a little about these women as well. 

Cleopatra: Ptolemy thinks he can just exile me away….If only I had an army like the Romans do, I could get my throne back. Who is leading the Romans right now,  Julio? …no…Romano…no…oh…Julius Caesar.  Ptolemy, your days are numbered and you will regret sending me away.   

Wealhtheow I offer to Beowulf, this cup that represents an offering of peace, but also showing the power of my King Hrothgar. Yes, I do believe that my dress is elaborate enough and my golden cup showy enough that our prestige and power will be understood. War between our nations in not in our best interest, and if I can bring peace to our lands, it will have been a good day.

Rebecca: Wow, I had no idea that offering a thirsty, travel-weary old servant would lead to a proposal of marriage to his master’s son. I was just doing what I felt was right.I don’t know, can I leave my home behind to marry a man I have never met? The earring is beautiful, but how do I know this Isaac is a good man? On the other hand, what is here for me? Perhaps I should take a chance?


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