A relaxing Saturday at Home

We decided to have a low-key weekend. We went to a movie, played video games, ate spaghetti, went to lunch with a friend. It felt good, to behave like teenagers, just doing whatever we wanted. No worries about jobs, no packing and setting up camp for an event. No hosting other people in our house. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and love having them stay here. I love going to events. (The job worries, I don't love so much). We haven't had a weekend like this for, wow...at least 6 months. A weekend where we just hung out together. I am glad we decided to do it.

Late Saturday night, yes I can stay up late from time to time..about 2 am, I was sitting on the couch and looking over our living room just made me happy. The tables still set up from Thursday night's gaming session. The light. The blinds that Jason closed to make it warmer for me in the apartment. So I snapped some pictures. A nice restful weekend is good for the soul.


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