PofTD: In My Home

Today's photo prompt was "In My Home"
In my home preparations for Crown Tournament* are underway. Here are some of the tools for the repairing and sprucing up of Pepin's armor.  It is a happy, productive mess. 

The photo from the past is my childhood house in Connecticut. I chose it because it has a homey feel,and the memories from that house, for me, are happy. Also, the "eye" table and the red cat in the photo have been staples in my Mother's house ever since I was a child. When I get all the old photos scanned in, I am going to do a photo essay based upon these two objects. They both reappear in pictures throughout my life.

*For my friends not in the SCA who might be reading this, Crown Tournament is the how the King and Queen of our SCA kingdom are choosen. They are held every 6 months in Calontir. This will be the 4th time Pepin has fought for me in Crown. It is an amazing experience each and every time.


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