Trumpet Flower

Yesterday I went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens with my friend Nancee. It was a brisk Autumn day. When we walked into the warm humidity of the Climatron, my camera lens kept fogging up. This picture of a large trumpet shaped flower (and no I foolishly didn't get the name of the plant) was taken in the deep shade with a foggy lens. I really loved the romantic, misty effect that resulted. 

Here is the original photo.

Here is the photo after minor tweaks to the color, brightness, and contrast. 

That was so much fun, that I decided to play around some more. 

In this photo, I increased the red in the shadows. 

Then I decided to make the whole photo purple. 

Finally, I inverted the colors. After more tweaks with color balance, brightness and contrast, I had a beautiful frost flower. 


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