PofTD: An ordinary moment

I was taking out the trash. Is there much that is more ordinary than that? When I returned I found this little fella* on the sidewalk. So I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos.

*Today I have read a lot about gender and what are gender appropriate terms. Since snails are hermaphrodites (at least some are, not sure if all are), I wondered, what is the appropriate way to refer to the creature. Fella is what popped into mind first, but I could have as easily had said "gal". What term could refer to both genders? I found this little herme?

The Past
For the past photo, it was a bit difficult to find a picture to represent an ordinary moment. Before digital cameras, I don't believe people took a lot of photos of ordinary moments. At least, I don't see many my family took. However, I did find this picture of our basement in Connecticut. This was an ordinary room in which extraordinary adventures came out of our imaginations. I remember using that pole as a time-travel machine (we spun around it a lot to get to another time). I remember pretending to go to the deep sea to visit the creatures I saw in our book about the oceans. I remember playing records down there, often playing them at the wrong speed to make them sound funny, I remember building things with tinker toys and Lincoln logs in that basement.


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