Reflecting on Limitations

I thought I couldn't be a dancer because I couldn't do the splits by the time I was 10.

Photo by Kate Sachs

I thought I couldn't be an artist because I can't draw*. 

I don't know where these self-imposed limitations came from, but there they were.  For whatever reason, we, as individuals tend to place limits on ourselves. This is why I get so angry when I hear people imposing limitation on others -

"Math is hard for girls" "Boys don't know the difference between chartreuse and magenta"  "Men can't talk about feelings" "Women are overly emotional"

I am glad that I have been able to ignore the limitations placed on me by others. I am even more happy that I am continuing to break through my own self-limitations. 

*when I say I can't draw, I mean that I don't have an innate talent for it. I have taken classes, and while I did see some improvement, I still can't translate the image I want from my head to  paper with pen or pencil. I know I would see some improvement with additional practice, but I don't enjoy drawing. So I spend my time and utilize my creativity in other ways. 


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