Blue Bird Park and Klamberg Woods

Aug. 4th 2017 - Exploring

Dinner time, I was tired and hungry. Decided to forgo a long hike at Babler State Park or Rockwoods Reservation in favor of Chinese Food and a trip to a smaller park. A quick Google search reveled a place called the Klamberg Woods Conservation Area. What this quick search did not tell me, is that the best way to access the woods was through Blue Bird City Park. There are a couple of access trails to the park in the adjacent neighborhood, but with no real parking. After driving around for a while, the delicious scents of Chinese Food filling my car, I gave up and decided to go to Blue Bird Park, which I had passed in my search. Lo and Behold....the park trails went through the Conservation Area.

It was a short, but hilly trail. I stayed on the paved path, mostly. There were various small dirt paths throughout and I did climb up one to check out a downed tree. My effort was rewarded

I think this would a be a great place for a photo shoot, as there is a mowed easement between the path and the woods. 

There are also some interesting areas of open woods, which, again, would be good for photos. 


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