Lime Kiln Trail - Rockwoods Reservation

August 8th 2017

My exploration today took me back to Rockwoods Reservation, in Wildwood, Missouri. Named for the old Lime Kiln, active in the late 1800's, that sits at the trail head. Reading about the history of the kiln, reminds me that these are not primary forests, but rather an example of forests that have been used by humans in the past. At Rockwoods, both trees and rocks were harvested in the production of lime. 

The trail is a little over 3 miles, with relatively short spans of rocky trail where the elevation increases. 

But the upper and lower portions of the trail are relatively flat and easy to walk.

As an ecologist - I find the changes in the structure of the forest fascinating. The forest on the ridge was particularly beautiful, with wide open understory. I would like to know which parts of the woods were harvested and when.

The exposed limestone provides additional visual interest for the hike.

Along the lower portion of the trail, there is a spring, and a small creek going along the road. It was pretty dry this time of year. Reading other reviews of the trail, it can become quite high in the rainy season. 

Seen Along the Trail


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