Exploration - Post Office

August 8th, 2017

For this exploration experiment, any new place that I have not been to before will count. Some days, this means a 3 hour hiking trip through beautiful scenery. Other days are full of work, projects, and errands, leaving less time for exploration. So, on these days, going to a new post office or a different grocery store totally counts.

In this case, I went to the post office in Ballwin, MO. It was very unexciting as post-offices go, with a suburban strip-mall feel to it. However, more exciting was the package I was mailing to a friend. 

My entry for a prize basket for an SCA fighting tournament was a note saying I would block print several yards of trim. Hrefna was one of the winners of the prize basket, and given her Viking persona, I decided to make several pieces of painted silk to wear on her Apron Dresses. Since she has recieved the package, here are the 8 pieces I made for her. I ordered silk samples from Silk Baron and painted them with Jacquard fabric paints, using both stencils and wooden blocks. The birds are from a block I carved myself. 

So I suppose this was an exploration in two senses of the word - one I explored a new, if mundane, place. Two, I explored painting on silk fabric. 


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