Exploration: My August Resolution

I want view new vistas, see new sunrises, wander new paths, walk where my feet have not been before. Experience the new - be it mundane or exotic. Be it far or near.

Therefore my August 2017 resolution - to explore a new place each day. Yes, the impetus was formed in the desire to find new natural areas in the St. Louis area, but exploration does not require traveling far or spending a whole day hiking.  So a new place could be a new restaurant, a new woods, a new park, a new block in my neighborhood.  The one caveat is that my feet must take me there - driving around a new place does not count. I hope also to bring others with me on this journey, building friendships while building experiences.

Tuesday Aug. 1  Harris-Stow University in St. Louis, interview for an adjunct biology positions (for which I signed a letter of intent)

Wednesday Aug. 2  Brentwood Target - not the most exciting of new places, but, it counts. And to be honest, I am adding it in retrospect, as I committed to the idea on Aug. 3rd.

Gay Feather at Noah Brown's Prairie. A trip to photograph this prairie on July 26th was inspirational to this resolution.

For the rest of the month, I intend to write a separate blog post about the adventure.


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