Exploration: Incorporating exploration into daily living.

Thursday, Aug. 10th 
         I had to get fingerprinted for my new adjunct teaching position, which had to be done at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Clayton, Missouri. While I had been to downtown Clayton before to protest at Senator Roy Blunt's office, I had not previously been to the courthouse. I had never had my finger prints taken before, so that was new too.

Friday, Aug. 11th
        Had dinner with a friend at the Loop at Corner 17 noodles. Best noodles ever. Again, a place I had been to previously, but we did walk the whole length of the loop, which I had not done previously.

Saturday, Aug. 12th
       Went to the Tower Grove Park with my friend Ariel. We did yoga in the park and then went to the Farmer's market. I had my camera, but being laden down with foccaccio and black bean humus purchased at the market, and the crowds, I didn't end up taking any photos. I did really enjoy the Tower Grove market, and will probably go back. The yoga was really nice, it was peaceful to look up at the green trees and cloud streaked blue sky.

*previously taken photo, but I couldn't have a photoless post.


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