Today I cleaned up from last night's party - lots of dishes, mostly glasses. Given how many people were grazing at the table and eating without using a plate, the floor was very clean. Kudos to whoever got the streamers from the poppers in the ceiling fan. I have my suspicions about who is responsible...but I love it!

I was pretty excited in that I didn't wake up until AFTER the sun came up, given my insomnia the previous night. I was up at 7:15 and had most of the party refuse cleaned up by 10:00.

I read a lot today. Finished "Magician: Apprentice" and started "Magician: Master" both by Raymond Feist. It felt nice to totally give over to reading a book for fun. Soon though my thoughts must turn to Ecology and Biology as I prepare for the coming semester. But that doesn't have to be until Monday.

I also engaged in fiber-y activities. I did some spinning, which was really nice to get into again.

And yes, I always match my socks to my fiber - don't you?

Then this evening I went over to my friend Mia's to work on some of my SCA garb - mainly to finish this outfit, which needs some hand sewing - seams finished and eyelets made so it can be laced properly.

In this photo,I had to be sewn into both the cote-hardie (the blue overdress) and the white undress, as the eyelets weren't finished. I am not so good at making eyelets yet, but as with everything, practice makes perfect, right? That reminds me - I am really looking forward to archery practice again.

All in all an good start to what I hope will be a fabulous year.


  1. Happy New Year and Happy New Blog!
    I'll be curious what you think of the Magician books.


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