Flea-Marketing (or Mission Impossible?)

My baby sister came up to visit this weekend, her mission, help me decorate my house. Is this a mission that is doomed to fail? I don't have a lot of stuff right now, nor the money to purchase all the things I need. But we are soldiering on.

Her first step was to organize my bookshelf.

Part two of the mission - find things that I luuuuuvvv at area flea markets. We did find a few treasures that I purchased.
Cool Hook for the Bathroom

Golden (well brass) Bowl for my Girl Grotto*

Flora and Fauna Hook - don't know where it is going, but I LUV it!

Detail of Flora and Fauna Hook

We also found a lot of odd, ugly, or down-right disturbing things that I did not purchase.

A table, made from a fire hydrant, I HAD to take a picture.

This is what Santa looks like when he has to put coal in your stocking

I need a salt and pepper shaker. This was tempting....no really.

Poor Flaccid Candle

Never try to kiss a puffer fish on the first date.

Becky thought this was cute, I want to know what the duck did to warrant scissors being stabbed through its head.

Need a baby alligator head to go with your puffer fish?
Voodoo dolls anyone? They are handmade.

This -there are just so many possible things to say about this one. It's just disturbing.

Though not as disturbing as this statue. I don't want to know.

Sunburned Santa

Odd Hat - well it was cool, it just fit oddly.

I saw this and just thought - Dead Birds

And this painting was disturbing enough, but looking at the whole vignette that was created....

*Girl Grotto - the name I am giving my bedroom, you know, instead of a man cave.


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