Fiber-y Fun Day

I have spent most of my fiber-y fun day finishing the spinning and plying of the fiber I was working on yesterday. I typically enjoy plying, but my wheel was acting a little strange - I think I need to put a new driver string on it.
I also need to get a real lazy Kate - here is the make-shift one I have been using.

Make-shift Lazy Kate

At the very least, I should make me a new on from all of the cardboard boxes I have laying around. Here is how I ply - with my make-shift Lazy Kate way behind me for better tension control.

Plying set-up. Hmm that angle makes my dining room look a mess!
Bobbin full of plied yarn.

The wet marks on the patio from whacking the yarn. 

After the yarn was plied, I just did a two ply for this one, I soaked it for a bit in warm water and then beat it a few times on the back porch. I have to admit, I am not 100% sure why I do this, I know I picked it up from somewhere, except it seems to make the fibers lay straighter. That is it is fun. Three WHACKS with each end of the skein. The skeins are currently drying out on the back patio, though I need to bring them in soon as it is getting dark and I don't want them to freeze out there once the temps drop.

Yarn, post whacking, drying on the back patio.
Up next - I am going to focus on knitting. I have been watching Stargate SG-1 via Hulu. I have found one place in my new house where I can pick up wi-fi from the nature center building. It's in the dining room. So, the blue wing-back chair is going to reside in the dining room tonight lol. Maybe I should just switch the rooms around?

Today would have been better had I shared it with a friend.


  1. Maybe you need another wing back chair! I'm sorry you are stuck at home.


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