For my non-facebook friends

A compilation of photos I have posted on facebook over the last few months that you might find interesting. This is dedicated to Sparkling Squirrel!

My new bow

The arrows I made

Images from my new place

The morning sunrise out my new window

The "welcome" mat to my new place

I replaced it with this. Much more me.

Photos of the Living Room

Outside of the house

The following photos are from our Semi-Annual Dead Day Rock Band Party. The Biologists dressed up this year. I was gong for goth, but don't think I quite managed it.


  1. Thanks Ferny! The stockings, of course, make the outfit, but they are probably what makes it not quite goth.

  2. and I think I needed darker eyemake-up...

  3. Indeed, that would make it gothier as well. The hair color suits you well.


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