What to do?

A friend of mine gave me this beautiful fabric on Saturday. As it matches my dining room walls perfectly. I was originally thinking about making curtains, but there isn't quite enough fabric for that. Besides, I thought, I am not going to be living in this house forever. I will hopefully, however, have a table. I hated to use this beautiful (and yes reversible) fabric to make curtains that I might never be able to use again. So I cut out a piece to make a table-clothe out of. That leaves me with about 2.5 yards of this fabric. It's upholstery fabric, so it is 72 inches wide. It's also very heavy.

I have several options for what to do with this fabric.
(1) Cover the chairs that go with my table - I decided against this, it looks too busy with the chairs, and as my sister would say, it makes it all too matchy-matchy.

(2) Make garb for SCA - YES!, but then the question is what?
The fabric is HEAVY. I can't imagine wearing a whole, long-sleeved cotehardie from this, it would be sooooo cumbersome (my blue dress is a patterned after a cotehardie). So I started thinking of some other options.
     (a) A side-less surcote. I have always (well since I started in SCA last summer) wanted one. It will still show off the beautiful fabric, but not be so heavy as it there really isn't much on the top of it. Many of them have fur, but I don't think I would add fur.

     (b) Some sort of middle eastern garb - a coat maybe? I don't really know enough about middle eastern garb to really know what the options are.

Regardless, I would like to make the garment reversible to take advantage of this gorgeous fabric. 

Another option would be to make a bunch of cushions and pillows for sitting upon at events. 

I am also not sure how to approach sewing this heavy, heavy fabric, but I am looking forward to finding out.


  1. I might consider napkins, trivets, bread basket scarves, that sort of thing. Yes, it's matchy-matchy but still way cool to have the perfect (but other side) napkins and trivets to go with one's tablecloth. I have several tablecloths I use less than I would like for lack of appropriately coordinating napkins. This is also based on my (perhaps incorrect) assumption that the fabric is so heavy as to not drape well in the size of pieces you'd want in a garment.

  2. Oh so many options! I am worried about the drape factor for clothes, but I think it would good for a coat. And I have way more of this fabric that I thought (2x as much in fact) because for SOME reason I measured it out as 1 yard = from finger-tip to finger-tip instead of finger-tip to shoulder.


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