Quick Update

Been busy preparing for classes, dancing, getting ready for Calontir's Crown Tourney this weekend. Finally finished those dang eyelets. Somehow, I ended up with 25 on one side and 27 on the other. . . hope I can fudge it when I lace it up. And HOLY TOLEDO, I guess I need to get or make something to lace these dresses up with......

Also trying to stay warm - it has been bitterly cold here. I am dreaming of summer. While I can put on a good front about how much I like the stark beauty of winter, my heart (and my cold feet!) long for summer.  The warmth, the moisture in the air, the humming of insects, the smell of living plants. And color....I miss green right now.

So here are some old photos of summer to inject a bit of color into this wintry blog.


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