100 hats project

I used to be fearless in my knitting, back with I first started. Now I find myself spending way too much time wondering, what is the best thing to make from this yarn?, to the point that I spend more time hemming and hawing about what to make than I do making. This seems like a real waste of time to me. Don't get me wrong, I know planning is a good thing. But this isn't planning, this is stalling caused by hesitation and doubt.Other questions run through my mind during these times.Can I actually make a cabled hat? Is that lace too difficult? Will I ever finish a shawl if I start it? (shhhhhhhh, you red-Icarus shawl that is sitting in my basket unfinished). Well the answers are - of course I can, no it is not, and yes I will, it just may take 5 years.

Back 10 years ago now, when I first started knitting, I just plunged ahead. Sure I made many mistakes, many of which are laying around still, but there was great freedom and more joy in my knitting back then. I want to recapture some of that.

Thus I am embarking on a project to knit 100 hats this year. Why hats? I love wearing hats for one thing. It has become part of my uniform at school, at least during the winter, a hand-knit hat. I haven't knit myself a hat in a couple of years and I am getting kinda tired of the ones I do have. Also - they are a small canvas upon which I can explore different techniques without worry of losing large investment in yarn if I screw it up. Plus, when unpacking my yarn stash, I realize most of what I have are single balls of yarn or less. So this project should eat up some of that stash and make room for new yarns.One other good thing about hats - if the gauge isn't exactly right, you usually can find someone to wear them. This frees me from the worry of fit. 

What am I going to do with all these hats? Wear some, give some away. I imagine lots of people will be getting hats for Christmas.;)


  1. Jenny, I'll put in my order for a black one. I love your hat with the large button on it. Or a flower.

  2. I'm still amazed by your knitting prowess. I thought you had seriously slowed down as you started making arrows and the like-- but two hats a week! Wow.
    I started another baby blankie. I assume it will take a year, as most of the others have.

  3. If I focus and work with worsted weight yarn, I can make a hat in an evening. But when you put it as two hats a week - that sounds scarier, especially as I have other things I need and want to knit.

    Hmmm...maybe I had better give myself two years. We shall see. I have the first three almost done. So I am ahead of pace!


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