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Several years ago, when I first got a digital camera and was walking to school, I would play this game where I would take a certain number of paces and then take a photo of whatever I saw at that point. It was a challenge to myself to find something interesting, to look at things more closely, and if there was nothing interesting to think about how I could photograph what I did find in an interesting way. It is a fun exercise, though not all the pictures turn out great. An added twist is that I have to take the picture relatively quickly and not take 10 minutes to find something.  It's really abut the process, and getting a nice photograph is just icing on the cake.

In my new home, one thing I have to do is unlock the gate of the nature sanctuary each morning. I usually take my camera with me, in case I see something interesting. Well today I decided to revisit the "paces" exercise. So from the front gate, back into my house - what I saw every 20 paces. This is a real challenge for me in the winter, as I tend to be inspired by color.





  1. One thing you may not notice is that in the course of this 15 minute walk, it went from sunshine to complete overcast.


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