I have been working to prepare my blue dress and white underdress to wear at Calontir's Crown Tournament next weekend. This means sewing eyelets. I am not all the great a sewing eyelets, have just learned how a few weeks ago.

My friend Mea got me started on both dresses. She makes very lovely eyelets. I started on the under-dress and when I was first making them, I couldn't really see what I was doing when sewing with white thread on white fabric. I decided therefore to use purple thread to make the eyelets so I could figure out what was going on. I finished up those eyelets last night while watching Mad Men with Becky.

It does look kinda wierd with two colors of eyelets, and the workmanship on mine are not the greatest. Frankly though, this is for the under-dress and no one but me is really going to see them.

Now the eyelets on the overdress are more important, as they WILL be seen by the general public, so I am a bit nervous about them. Here are the eyelets that Mea made.

I finished the first one. It turned out ok. Only 41 more to go! One would think that I would improve by the time I am done.


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