A present for a good friend

I present to you, Anne's Scarf., This is a project I started on last fall, with no clear recipient in mind. I just needed a relatively mindless project, that wasn't socks, to use up some of my scraps of sock yarn. The result was this colorful scarf, shawlette hybrid do-hickey. As I progressed on it, I knew it was going to be a gift for my dear friend Anne. She has been a great friend and a wonderful colleague. Plus she is the Goddess of Cleaning and Organizing. However, despite her long admiring my knitting, I have never gifted her any. This was an oversight that SORELY needed remedying.

Monday Anne had a birthday bash (I need to continue the tradition of attending a party the night before classes start), and so I finished up the scarf, took it's portrait and was going to wrap it, and then realized, I don't have any wrapping paper. So I thought long and hard about what I could possible use for wrapping paper, and the only thing I could think of was a plastic grocery bag. Ugh..but desperate times, right? Luckily, I found a brown paper bag, used to wrap wine in at the grocery store. Since this was a slight step above a plastic bag, I went for it.
2nd Tackiest Birthday Wrapping
 Well, it looked pretty crummy, but then I remember, I had some ribbon I had saved from some Easter Candy. So in the end , I think it turned out ok, though I hope Anne wasn't disappointed there wasn't wine in the wrapping.

She seemed to like it anyway.
Much discussion followed about the many ways you could wear this hybrid thing (still not sure what to call it). Here is Anne modeling the Babushka

It was a great party - with cake AND pie AND Oreo dessert.  YUM!!!!!!!!


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