1, 2, 3

Ok so when Sparkling Squirrel put it as two hats a week, every week for a year to meet the goal of 100 hats in a year, it gave me pause. I will not have time for that once classes start up again and then when SCA events really get rolling. So 100 hats in however long it takes me to finish them. One year, two years, 10 years - the point is to be productive and fearless in my knitting - to quit the hemming and hawing about if knitting this project is the best use of that yarn.

That said, I do have some hats to show you!

This hat I am calling my Winter Sunrise Hat and I LOVE IT, can't you tell?

I think it turned out fabulous, though, it was supposed to be a tam, and it is very un-tam like. Here is the top - it is a mixture different bits of partially used balls of yarn from other projects and some pieces from the bag of plant-dyed yarns, which contains lots of 2-10 yard lengths of yarn.  

The Top

The side

The artsy outdoor shot

I have two other hats that need the ends sewn into. This little purple hat - it turned out baby-sized, but very cute.

And another hat that was supposed to be a tam - it is more kid sized. I will get a better picture when I can. 

so..3 down 97 to go. I have the next two already planned out.


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